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It is told that Albert Einstein once handed his secretary an exam to be distributed to his graduate students. The secretary scanned the paper and objected. “But Prof Einstein,  these are the same questions you used last year. Won’t the students know the answers ?”

“Its all right” replied Einstein. “The questions are the same but the answers are different.” 

What is true of Physics is true of Business and Marketing today.  

CMA recognizes the need for Managers as well as Aspiring Managers to keep abreast of the latest developments in the area of Business and Management. More importantly, CMA recognizes that Business & Management operates in the larger socio-political and economic environments.

The CMA events and its journal, The Contemporary Manager, features topics of relevance to learning mangers and students. You can now, place a request for copies of articles from previous issues of The Contemporary Manager, place a query with our Panel of Management Experts or seek further information from our Patton Talkshoppe Speakers.

To remain updated, do try the CMA Interactive and recommend it to your colleagues and friends. 

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